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Duikboot - Nummer 2515: U77, 10.11.1942

Begonnen von BE Corijn, 28 Mai 2022, 00:33:10

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BE Corijn

Hi guys,

HMS Furious arrived at Gibraltar around 0845A/10 so she could not have been the target of this attack (source logbook of HMS Furious for November 1942, ADM 53/115968)

The target was in fact HMS Argus.
The report of proceedings of HMS Scylla (to be found in file ADM 199/904) gives the following;
' At 2215A/10, in position 37°19'N, 03°16'E, a submarine on the surface on our starboard bow was picked up by Radar 272. Course was altered towards and speed increased to 25 knots. Very shortly afterwards a big feather was seen inside my turning circle to port. There was no doubt whatever that this was a submarine crash-diving. A depth charge was dropped at the nearest point to the submarine. No furter A/S or R.D.F. contact was established. HMS Argus reported later that a torpedo had passed astern of her at approximately the time of the encounter '

The log of HMS Argus for November 1942 (ADM 53/115368) indeed states that at 2222A/10, she made an emergency turn and was near missed by several torpedoes.

The report of proceedings of HMS Argus (also in ADM 199/904) gives the following;
' On the way to Bougie, ' Force O ', made up of HMS Scylla (Senior Officer), HMS Charybdis and HMS Argus, was attacked by two U-boats at 2222A/10. Torpedo tracks were seen to pass under the ship and ahead from the starboard side, and a near miss astern from a torpedo fired from the port side. '

The report of proceedings of HMS Charydbis (also in ADM 199/904) makes no mention of an attack around this time.

Kind regards,
Brian Corijn
Admin Allied warships section


Thanks a lot for this correction, Brian.
I have changed the entries in "Axis Submarine Successes" as well as in "Chronik des Seekrieges"
With best regards, Thomas


Thank you Brian for sharing your findings!  top

DUIKBOOT was corrected.

Met vriendelijke groeten,


Hallo zusammen,

vielen Dank für dieses Puzzle-Teil  :TU:)



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