Wer war Hitchs Gegner ?

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In der Nacht vom 12./13.4.1943 entstehen bei einem Gefecht eines dt. Geleits mit den brit. MGB 112, MGB 111, MGB 74, MGB 75 vor der holländischen Westküste auf beiden Seiten nur leichte Schäden, doch auf dem Führerboot (Reynolds: MGB 112: Lt Sidebottom, lt. wiki.en: MGB 77) fällt der Kommandeur der 8. MGB-Flottille, LtCdr (RNVR) Robert "Hitch" Hichens, durch einen Zufallstreffer in die Brücke. Hitchens war Urheber und Verfechter der Taktik, MGB mit überlegener Geschützbewaffnung Seite an Seite mit MTB gegen die dt. Schnellboote einzusetzen.

Ich finde nirgends einen Hinweis auf das dt. Geleit. Reynolds (Home Waters, S.91) schreibt: "They found two enemy vessels", also offenbar kein Konvoi im geläufigen Sinn, sondern irgendeine "Task Group". Hat Jemand genauere Informationen ?
Viele Grüße, Thomas



Zitat von: cam am 17 Juni 2018, 19:48:50
It is clear that against  Hichens fought VP 1413 and 2012. About the convoy, nothing is said. Probably they were on patrol. If there was information from the British with the indication of the English time of the fight, then I can say for sure that this is the same fight.

Danke, cam, für den Hinweis
Die im tweet angesprochene Frage, welches das MTB Führerschiff war, beantwortet Reynolds nur unzureichend. Er benennt nämlich überhaupt nur das Führerschiff, keines der anderen.

ZitatHichens was embarked in MGB 112, a newly commissioned boat commanded by Lt. D.C. Sidebottom, who had won a great Reputation for his gallant deeds in C Class MGBs.

Quellen: MO 4763, ADM 199/537, Scott, Battle of the Narrow Seas

Gruß, Thomas


Admirality War Diaries, 13.04.1943:

Operation Q.J.8 A.
4. M.G.Bs. escorting MLs. on a minelaying operation off the Durch coast last night attacked a small merchant ship with a trawler at 0400B in 52°12'N, 04°12'E. and report that both vessels were damaged. An Oerlikon shell hit the bridge of M.G.B. 112, killing the S.O. of the Unit Lieut. R.P. Hichens. The operation was carried out as ordered.
One Enemy Trawler and One M/V damaged.

Following is preliminary report of C/F activity night 12/13th. (1) M.L.´s 100, 105 and 110 escorted by M.G.B´s 112, 111, 75 and 74 on opration Q.U.8 (A) made R.D.F. contact with various small enemy vessels when coming into their lay. On completion M.L´s disengaged while M.G.B´s investigated and shadowed by R.D.F. Visual contact was made at 0400B in approx. 52°12'N, 04°12'E. with one trawler and one small merchant ship steering S.W. Fire was opened at point blank range M.G.B´s having been undetected until then. Speed was increased on opening fire and both enemy ships were seen to be on fire an undoubtedly suffered severe damage.
Unfortunately an Oerlikon shell hit the bridge of M.G.B.112 killing the S.O. and seriously wounding the C.O., and M.G.B´s disengaged.
Susequently observation of results became extremly difficult as other enemy shipping in vicinity opened fire with starshell and tracer.
In addition to the casualties reported above one other Officer and two ratings were slightly wounded.
BEEHIVE´s 13109B and 131423B refer.
Damage is very slight.
(2) Operation Q.U.8 A carried out as ordered. (C. in C. Nore, 131828B to Admty)


Zitat6. Early on the 13th, M.G.Bs. 112, 111, 75 and 74 attacked and set on fire
an enemy trawler and a merchant ship off the Dutch oast. There were five casualties, including the S.O. of the unit, in 112, which was very slightlv damaged.



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