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Autor Thema: Dampfer IONIA  (Gelesen 2241 mal)

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Dampfer IONIA
« am: 24 Dezember 2017, 14:49:40 »
At the page on IONIA at the following should be corrected
1949-51 von der N.O.A. (gr. Abwrackungs-Komitee) abgewrackt.
as the wreck of IONIA was not actually salvaged by O.A.N.'s own crews. More specifically the book “Salvaging History” mentions: “The wreck was auctioned by O.A.N. to the the contractor Ar. Stavridis witht the intention to salvage it by May 1949, but this was not effected. In 1952 the Italian firm Tripcovich attempted to refloat the wreck but without success. In August 1953 the Yugoslavian firm Brodospas received a permit to salvage it and in 1955 the Liamis family also worked on her scrapping.”
Also in the book “D.Tripcovich & C.” (P.Flegar & N.Castelli) it is mentioned:
“Belrorie went on May 26 [1952] to attempt the salvage of the cargo steamer JONIA at Skiathos on the basis “no cure- no pay”. This operation, one of the rare cases of failure, was abandoned on July 17 when it was realized that the difficulties related to conditions of the hull were much worse than expected.”