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Titel: Admiral z.V. meaning
Beitrag von: Kriegsmarine Admiral am 16 September 2018, 20:11:36
I know about two different "z.V." abbreviations. The first one is "zur Verfügung" (at disposal) and the second one is "zur Verwendung" (which represents an officer that was voluntarily serving beyond a normal retirement age).
So my question is: if we take Generaladmiral z.V. Otto Schultze for an example. Does the z.V. in his rank stand for "zur Verfügung" or "zur Verwendung"? Even if he was promoted to the rank of Generaladmiral z.V. when he was "zur Verfügung des OBdM".
Titel: Re: Admiral z.V. meaning
Beitrag von: Violoncello am 20 September 2018, 19:17:52
Hallo zusammen,

I think there is besides the different meaning another great difference:

"Zur Verfügung" was legally defined, wereas there was no definition for "zur Verwendung". The latter was used for soldiers for which there was no vacant position in a unit.

It`s a little bit more complicated to explain the meaning of "zur Verfügung", a result of the special situation in Germany: At the end of the first world war there had been many officers in the German armed forces. There Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany to have more than 100.000 soldiers in there armed forces. As a result for example many active officers had to be retired. When Hitler proclaimed the universal compulsory military service in 1935 to enlarge the armed forces in shortest time there was a great lack of experienced officers.

With the help of the universal compulsory military service there was the possibility to reduce this lack  by regulation: On February 22, 1938 was issued the "Verordnung über die Wehrpflicht von Offizieren und Wehrmachtbeamten im Offiziersrang" (RGBl. I S. 214).  § 1 of this regulation defined that different types of officers which had been retired("till the end of their days"), got liable for military service (again) without any time limitation.

§ 2 of the regulation said, that the officers defined in § 1 "sind zur Verfügung der Wehrmachtteile (z.V.) zu stellen, wenn sie den von den Wehrmachtteilen gegebenen Bestimmungen für eine Verwendung im Mobilmachungsfall als Offizier ... entsprechen. Die `Offiziere z.V.´... sind Wehrpflichtige des Beurlaubtenstandes ...".

Officers "z.V." could of course also be promoted as any other officers (z. B. Kapitänleutnant z.V. to Korvettenkapitän z.V. and so on.

I´m sure that Generaladmral z.V. Otto Schultze was an officer "zur Verfügung", for he had been retired in 1937(?).


Titel: Re: Admiral z.V. meaning
Beitrag von: Kriegsmarine Admiral am 21 September 2018, 10:37:10
Thank you, Violoncello.