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Titel: Hochsee-Lehr-Kommando
Beitrag von: Arjan am 14 September 2015, 14:13:28
Yesterday I noticed an old thread by Axel in which he posted some of his fantastic photos:,16090.0.html

These are clearly pics of the Hochsee-Lehr-Kommando or Pionier-Landungs-Ausbildungs-Bataillon as it was called later. Andreas is no doubt right that some of the pics were probably taken in Fredericia but I think some were taken on the Scheldt and in Antwerp. Axel's 5th pic is also in "das Landungswesen" and its caption says it was taken in Antwerp in 1942 .
I wonder if this is the same vessel as the one with the Beutematilda (Antwerp docks) before its superstructure was altered, they both have the Büssing Endschiff.
I think the Fähre in Axel's first pic (also Büssing Endschiff) may be the same as the one photographed in the harbour of Breskens (Holland). By the way, I have more photos of this particular vessel. Both these vessels have the same Russian 7,6cm Flak gun and the same (Krupp?) Sondervorschiff . This is the Beutewaffe in question:

Some time ago there was a Fähre pic on Ebay taken in Terneuzen that also had this Russian gun :

Titel: Re: Hochsee-Lehr-Kommando
Beitrag von: t-geronimo am 14 September 2015, 15:42:38
Hello Arjan!

Please notice that german law only allows to show photos that you have the copyright for or where you have permission of the owner.
Please delete all other pictures and replace them with the links to them if they are already in the web.
Titel: Re: Hochsee-Lehr-Kommando
Beitrag von: Trimmer am 14 September 2015, 17:28:14
Hallo Arjan - und natürlich auch alle anderen Interessenten  :-D
Hochsee - Lehr- Kommando siehe - Beutepanzer/uk/A12_matilda/a12matilda-oswald.htm

Gruß - Achim - Trimmer
Titel: Re: Hochsee-Lehr-Kommando
Beitrag von: Arjan am 14 September 2015, 23:10:23
Hello gentlemen,

The BPK pic of the Fähre in the harbour of Breskens can be found here (use search terms : Unternehmen Seelöwe). The image number is 30028519 :

I also have another photo which is taken from a slightly different angle. The bpk caption is nonsense, this pic was taken long after Seelöwe had been cancelled. Ironically here is a film of the same harbour from which the British launched their amphibious assault on Walcheren on 1 November 1944. The landing craft are LCA's embarking from Breskens and heading for Vlissingen :



Titel: Re: Hochsee-Lehr-Kommando
Beitrag von: Arjan am 29 Januar 2016, 20:14:26
Yesterday I received "Landungspioniere im Einsatz 1939-1945" by Waldemar Trojca. For me a most interesting book, especially because there are quite a lot of Hochsee Lehr Kommando pics. It looks as if most, if not all of the pics on page 22 and 23 were taken in the harbour of Breskens. The second pic on page 22 is very interesting, it shows the Fähre carrying the Beute Matilda at the former ferry dock in Breskens. It also shows Pilabo 501 which apparently also belonged to the Hochsee Lehr Kommando at that time. As it happens an aquaintance sent me a pic today of Sf 143 off Terneuzen, it's so similar to the Fähre that carried the Matilda that I'm convinced the latter must also be Sf 143.


Titel: Re: Hochsee-Lehr-Kommando
Beitrag von: Arjan am 06 August 2016, 13:52:53
This week an acquaintance of mine told me that the pics of the Siebelfähren in Breskens, of which the aforementioned BPK pic is one, were from a German Kriegsberichter/photographer whose pics are in the Bundesarchiv. Can someone tell me the photographer's name so I can order more of these pics at the BA ?

This week I also found proof that the pics of the Sturmboottransporter V-ST-0-2 in Trojca's Landungspioniere book were taken in the port of Vlissingen.