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Titel: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Kengems1941 am 04 August 2014, 17:47:08
Looking for info regarding the temporary U-Boat bases (listed below) that were located in Finland during the 1944-1945 time period or earlier. Also, any info regarding Finnish shipyards that were involved in U-Boat repairs/modifications, etc.

Temporary Bases:

Riisiö/Kalasika/Nuokko = Codename GRAND HOTEL at 60°27' N / 27° 13,6' (AO 3665)

Risholm (Kerissaari) = Codename MIRAMARE at 60° 16,5' N / 26°09' (AO 3273)

Mossholm (Krenkkurek) = Codename ESPLANADE at 60° 22.7' N / 26°40,3' (AO 3259)

-- Regards,
Ken Deshaies
Newton, New Hampshire

Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: wirbelwind am 04 August 2014, 18:08:48
sehr interessante Fragestellung, da mir zeitweilige U-Boot-Stützpunkte für dt. U-Boote in Finnland nicht bekannt sind. Allerdings müsste der Zeitraum vor der Kapitulation der Finnen 1944 liegen, da Stalin und auch die Finnen selbst kaum dt. U.Boote danach in Finnland akzeptiert hätten.
MfG Rüdiger
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Trimmer am 04 August 2014, 19:24:02
Hallo Rüdiger - nun zumindest war Suomenlinna u.a auch ein U-Boot - Stützpunkt der Finnen. Ich könnte mir - ohne Belege - vorstellen das dt. U-Boote dort auch eingelaufen sind

Gruß - Achim - Trimmer
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Kengems1941 am 05 August 2014, 14:09:17

You are correct - 1944 and earlier.,85272,85272#msg-85272

Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: chattius am 05 August 2014, 14:56:31
Den Codenamen nach ist das aber schon nach dem Seitenwechsel also 1944/45?
The code-names didn't sound german and are after the Fins changed the sides?

Ein paar finnische/russische U-Boot Stützpunkte sieht man auch auf "". Das ist ein Archiv das die finnische Pressekompanie seinerseits aufgenommen hat und nun frei ist. Die Suche im Archive basiert auf den Beschriftungen der Bilder die in Finnisch sind.
Also 'Sukellusvene' für U-Boot eingeben.

A few finnish/russian U-Boat bases can be seen at ''. It is a archive of picture done by finish war fotographers and was recently made public and free. The search in the archive is however based on the original description of the picture which is sadly (at least for me) in the finnish language.
Type 'Sukellusvene' for U-boat in the search frame. (
Above picture reads: Sukellusvene ottaa torpedoja. (
A former russian, then finnish and then russian again U-Boat base at Äänislinna (=Petrozavodsk).

Gruss Chattius

Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Kengems1941 am 05 August 2014, 16:56:55

Many thanks for the response....I will follow this lead.
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Jong am 05 August 2014, 17:11:31
Contact Rainer Kolbicz at for informations,47241,47258

"Grand Hotel was located at a skerry south of Hamina, Finland. The base was used for VIIC U-boats patrolling the Gulf of Finland in mid-1944."

Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Kengems1941 am 06 August 2014, 11:15:18
Thank you Jong for the photo link!
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: jja60 am 08 August 2014, 13:50:46
Mr. Juhani Lievonen has written in the Finnish  Journal of Military History 2006 an article ”The activity of German submarines in the waters near Finland in 1944-45”. The article is in Finnish, with a summary in English. The question of submarine bases in Finland is limited to the Summer of 1944.

In 1944 the German submarines were sent to Finland for two purposes: To encourage Finns after the major Soviet offensive that started in June and to monitor and attack Soviet naval forces. At first three boats were sent to a demonstation trip end of June. U 481 sailed from Tallinn to Helsinki 23.6, continued east to Kotka 25.6., did not stay there but sailed across Gulf of Finland west from Suursaari and to Tallinn 26.6. U 748 and U 1193 arrived in Helsinki 27.6. and made the same trip.

In the beginning of July it was not clear how many submarines should be sent to Finland and what would be their operational areas and targets. Finland had already its five submarines in the eastern Gulf of Finland and did not consider operations east from Suursaari barrage meaningful. When the Soviet offensive across Gulf of Vyborg started in the beginning of July, it was decided to station the German submarines to as far east as possible, close to the operating areas Trinidad north from Koivisto Sound and Bengalen east from Narvi island. The bases were mostly north and northeast from the Suursaari barrage. Some of them were also used by Finnish forces. The bases were selected so that there was a ready lane or deep water available and at least 5 m depth close to steep rocky shore for easy camouflage. It must be noted that the Soviet had almost total air superiority and submarines could operate surfaced only during nights.

The article lists following bases:
-   Nuokonsalmi (Nuokko Sound) 60 27.5 N, 27 13.2 E, located between islands Sisä-Nuokko in the west, Riisiö-Majasaari north and Kalasiika east. This base had later the codename Grand Hotel. Finns had built four piers in the sound. This was the main German base that was also closest to the operational areas. There were up to five boats at the same time.
-   Koukkusaaret 60 24.6 N 26 40.0 E, south from Keihässalmi Sound. The bases were on the east side of islands Lilla Krokö and Svartbäck Krokö. Codename Esplanade. Krokö in Swedish is Koukkusaari in Finnish and Koukkusaaret is the plural form.
-   Risholmen and Bergholmen 60 22.3 N 26 08.4 E are two small islands north from western Keipsalo open sea area. The places were on west side of Risholm and east side of Bergholm. Finnish codename was Susi (Wolf).
-   Korkiasaari islands (also Korkeussaari) 60 29.1 N 27 05.0 E are two islands, Korkeussaari and Pieni (small) Korkeussaari, halfway between Kotka and Hamina. The base with two anchoring places was on the north shore of Korkeussaari. This one got the codename Miramare.
-   Byö island (nowadays Heinäsaari or Ängsön) 60 21.4 N 26 35.8 E, north from Bisaballsfjärden open sea area. The two anchoring places were on the south shore of the island.
-   Mössholm or Myssholmen island 60 20.6 N 26 27.7 E, east from Loviisa and north from the Myssholmsfärden open sea area. The base was on the east side of the island.
-    Busholm 60 20.7 N 26 32.5 E. The name of the location suggests an island, but the place is in the south end of a chain of narrow roads. The place is on the opposite side of the Myssholmsfärden open sea area than the Mössholm base.
-   Altarskär 60 18.2 N 26 15.4 E, the two islands Norra Altarskär and Södra Altarskär are located south from Loviisa and north from the Kofladan open sea area. The base was on the north side of Norra Altarskär.
-   Hamnholm 60 15.5 N 26 11.9 E is an island southwest from Loviisa with direct access to open sea. There are two larger islands, Hamnholmen and Vastasaari, and the anchor place was on the south side of the Hamnholm.

The navigation to Nuokko Sound was not easy and there were several incidents when boats ran aground. My grandfather Tauno Paukku was sent there 8. July with the task to pilot the German boats to and from the base. The plan was that he should change from outgoing boat to incoming, but at least once this could not be done and he was in the German boat the whole patrol.

The article does not mention repairs done for small damages. The U 745 was depth charged 26.8. and it was repaired in Helsinki.

The last boats in the temporary bases were three boats in Grand Hotel and two in Miramare 2.9. When these boats departed they did not return to Finnish bases but sailed to Estonian harbours Tallinn, Kopli and Paldiski.

As this topic includes my family’s history, I would be grateful for any information about the incident my grandfather was in a German boat. The article mentions KTB 9. Sich.Div. 1-15.7.1944 as source.

Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: ARANTALES am 08 August 2014, 17:59:01
Thank you Jari for providing all that info on those Finnish Uboat bases.  :MG:

We will correct in due course the spelling of the relevant place-names in project DUIKBOOT. Now knowing their correct geographical location is a very nice bonus!

Thank you!

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Frans & Walter
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Peter K. am 09 August 2014, 11:02:21
... great information!  top
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Kengems1941 am 09 August 2014, 11:20:40

Many thanks for the response to my question also for providing the english translation to the article. Thank you for providing this information.

Is your grandfathers last name "Lundstrom", Heimstrom or Michelson?

Does Stromelo mean anything regarding your grandfather?

You can mail me at or respond here in the forum.

Thanks again, Jari.
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: jja60 am 09 August 2014, 13:56:33

My grandfather was Tauno Paukku, I edited my previous mail. The names you listed sound Swedish and I believe that they might be local men, maybe working as guides. Many of the people living on the coast were Swedish speaking. Mr. Lievonen mentions in his article that other Finnish Naval officers were also working as pilots, but I do not know their names.

The "Stromelo" is most likely island Stormelö also written as Stormälö, Stor Melö or Stor Mälö in Parainen in the western Gulf of Finland (60° 15′ 12″ N, 22° 8′ 0″ E). This was used as temporary base by Finns, maybe also by Germans.

Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Kengems1941 am 09 August 2014, 17:40:21

Thanks for the quick reply....

In regard to the reference you mention - KTB 9. Sich.Div. 1-15.7.1944 as thesource:

I mentioned these names as they are listed in a U-145 KTB as pilots entering and leaving Stormelo on 15 July and 29 July 1941.

I have examined other KTB's for various submarines that were temporarily based or docked on Finnish territory and the name of "Tuano Paukku" was not mentioned. Sorry for that.

Thanks also for the information regarding "Stormelo". This base was also used by the Germans in mid-1944, according to the KTB's.

I must note that the KTB's I have researched are the abbreviated versions - "Kurzfassung Kriegstagesbuecher Deutscher U-Boote 1939- 1945, Band 1-14" by Herbert Ritschel.

Many thanks for your interest....
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: jja60 am 13 Juli 2017, 17:09:15
Returning to an old thread. The Digital Archives of the National Archives of Finland has started to scan Theses of the Military Academy. In the Appendices of the Thesis of G. Fabritius (1948) considering the protection of a small country naval forces is an 1944 aerial photo of the Grand Hotel base (Nuokko island). The title in the photo states German vessels, but they are submarines. The accompanying text states that the place is not suitable and the box-like shapes of the barges are not camouflaged revealing the base.
Link to the page
Also attached a Google map screenshot of the place nowadays.

Edit 15.07.2017:
Kartenausschnitt wegen Copyright-Problemen gelöscht.

My bad with the first map screenshot, sincere apologies.
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Teddy Suhren am 14 Juli 2017, 16:30:10

I don't know if you're involved in this.
There's an article in the current UBoot im Focus, Edition 14 about U481 and it's actions around the Gulf of Finnland in 1944 and the usage of "Grand Hotel".
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: jja60 am 15 Juli 2017, 08:41:52

Thank you for the hint. I am not involved with this article but will certainly order a copy of the book.

Best, Jari
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: s3bpilot am 15 Juli 2017, 15:34:15
Hi all, here is a KTB of a boat that used the Finish bases.  When the Finish reached an armistice with the Russians the Germans immediately mined Finish waters. (
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: Teddy Suhren am 15 Juli 2017, 17:36:08
UBoot im Focus located "Grand Hotel" a few miles more south in this small "bay" in the middle of the island Nuokko. But in the arial Picture with the three submarines clearly shows it's north of that.
Titel: Re: Finland U-Boat Bases
Beitrag von: JS78 am 10 Juni 2019, 11:58:37
I live in the island of Stormälö in Parainen, Finland. It is remembered by the locals that there was a military base here during the war 1941-44. Several submarines used the bay of hotel Airisto as their base at least in 1941. These include U145, U144, U142. Some of the oldest women here remember being in parties and dancing in the base when they were young. They even visited the submarines. Below is a picture of U145 there.

On an interesting note, it was suggested a year ago that the Russians are running a secret naval base a few kilometres away and the Finnish military raided the place. Even the existence of small submarines were rumoured. So there is some strategic interest in the place... Below is a link to a New York Times story about that.