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Januar 1943

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Hello again,

11.01.43       br   Sahib   T   it   -D   San Antonio   6013   +   Liguria

This can't be correct since San Antonio was sunk by air attack in early may 1943. I guess it should be

11.01.43       br   Sahib   T   it   -D   San Antonio   6013   =   Liguria

Best regards,


And one more thing

14.01.43   1305   br   Sahib   T   [   -D   ca   2000   +]   44.08n 08.18e

Wasn't it this attack which led to the loss of the Qued Tiflet (14/1194) or am I mistaken?

Best regards,


Platon Alexiades:
Hello Jan-Olof,

Actually SAHIB did not carry out an attack on SAN ANTONIO at all on this date (or on any other vessel). I think this mistake originated in the attack by HMS TRIBUNE on the beached DALNY on this date which was described as similar to the French SAN ANTONIO.

You are quite correct for the attack of 14.01.1943 but the name of the ship was OUED TIFLET.

Vest regards,


Hello Platon,

thanks for the info regarding Sahib and SAN ANTONIO. Do we know if any other agent damaged the SAN ANTONIO on 11.1.43 or is it all just a major misunderstanding that has followed us through the years?

>but the name of the ship was OUED TIFLET.

Of course  :-D one day I'll learn to proofread what I write before posting.

Best regards,



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