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November 1942

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P.46/UNRUFFLED feuert auf italienisches Transport-Unterseeboot.
SS SCIESA ist nicht möglich, da es nach aktuellem Erkenntnisstand am 11.11.42 von der USAAF versenkt worden ist.

Platon Alexiades:
Hello Thomas,

There was no attack at all by P.46 on 23 November 1942, on SCIESA or any other vessel. You correctly pointed out that SCIESA was already destroyed by that time. P.46 did attack with gunfire the small tug PORTO FOSSONE on the previous day but it escaped when her gun jammed.


Dear Platon,
In the book "La difesa del traffico con l'Africa settentrionale" Vol. VIII (edited by USDMM, Roma 1964)
on page 379 you find the following entry: "partenza il 18 ore 03.00 da Taranto per Buerat - Smg SANTAROSA - attaccato da Smg senza esito a 2000 metri dalla boa di Buerat il 23 alle ora 07.45 -
arrivo il 23 ore 08.30 a Buerat" (= SS SANTAROSA departed 18. Nov. 42 at 03h00 from Tarent to Buerat - attacked from submarine without success 2 km off Buerat on 23/0745 - arrived at Buerat on 23/08h30). I am mostly interested, which submarine may have attacked if not P.46/Unruffled.
Do you have any idea? With best regards

Platon Alexiades:
Dear Thomas,

The volume "La Difesa del Traffico con l'Africa Settentrionale" is incorrect. The actual date is 21 November 1942 not 23 November. Even Official Histories can make mistakes! Vol. XIII "I Sommergibili in Mediterraneo" refers to the same incident but gives the correct date. I have checked the patrol report of SANTORRE DI SANTAROSA at the Ufficio Storico and there is no doubt that the date of the incident is 21 November and the time as 0740 (the Specchio gives the time as 0745), position 31°29' N, 15°46' E. The attacking submarine was HMS UNITED who fired 4 torpedoes from 2,000 yds at 0737/21 in 31°27' N, 15°45' E.

Best regards,



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