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On 16-Jul-1940 at 2230 British SS CLYDE sinks a Norwegean fishery vessel numbered "SF-52" (15 grt).
From Groener DDK Vol. VIII, p.378 I know, that the sign SF means "Sogn og Fjordane fylke".
# 52 is the running number of vessel. A sign for exact homeport is missing as well as the name of
the vessel. Can anybody help ?
Sincerely, Thomas

Am 16.7.40 versenkt das brit. U CLYDE ein norweg. Fischerboot mit Kennung "SF-52" (15 BRT).
Aus Grner DDK Bd.8, S.378 ersehe ich, dass SF die Provinz "Sogn og Fjordane fylke" bezeichnet.
# 52 ist die laufende Nummer des Bootes. Es fehlt die Bezeichnung des genauen Heimathafens
und der Name des Bootes. Kann jemand von Euch weiterhelfen?
Herzliche Gre, Thomas

Platon Alexiades:
Hello Thomas,

The vessel had actually the following letters painted on her sides: S.F.-52-S.V.
Could S.V. be a clue for her home port? Erling: any suggestions? (Vaagso?)


Erling Skjold:
SF = Sogn og Fjordane county
SV = Township / local council / Gemeinde "Sr Vgsy" = South Vaagsy

SF-52-SV was in 1940 the wooden puffer (Motorkutter) Fredheim (1908/38') Fits ok with ca 15 Grt. The owner was Hans J. Oppedal.

Unfortunatelly, I don't have any details about the loss, but such fishingvessels often operated far from the coast.

Best regards,

Platon Alexiades:
Hello Erling,

Thanks very much. I was sure you would come through!



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