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Autor Thema: Mai 1940  (Gelesen 12645 mal)

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Re: Mai 1940
« Antwort #30 am: 08 März 2011, 14:12:08 »
moin, Ihr Lieben, und danke,

Ich fand die Lösung nach einigem Stöbern im KTB des brit. Kommandeurs des 1. Kreuzergeschwaders

Eine interessante Geschichte ... hier ein Auszug

Wednesday 15th May 1940
Vice Admiral Commanding First Cruiser Squadron in DEVONSHIRE proceeding Tromso. DEVONSHIRE arrived at Tromso at 0150 and started fuelling from lighter. Norwegian hospital ship ARIADNE and German prize ALSTER in harbour.

Thursday 16th May 1940
Asked Admiralty to allocate call Sign to ALSTER (1501/16 May).

Friday 17th May 1940
Prize ship ALSTER sailed for Kirkenes at 2000 to load iron ore escorted by ULLSWATER.

Sunday 19th May 1940
ALSTER informed me loading could not be completed until 22nd May and I accordingly approved of her staying at Kirkenes until that date to complete full stowage of 10,000 tons of iron ore.

Monday 20th May 1940

Informed Flag Officer, Narvik, ALSTER expected to arrive at Harstad p.m. 24th May.
TRUANT arrived at 0800 and refuelled alongside DEVONSHIRE with local diesel oil which had been placed in a specially prepared tank. Unfortunately, this oil subsequently proved unsuitable for submarines.
Sailed TRUANT at 1800 to patrol between 25-48 degrees East and 29-00 degrees E to southward of Latitude 71-15 degrees North until 3rd June.

Tuesday 21st May 1940
Gave (n.b in ink.” by telephone message in NYKO”) a route to ALSTER intended to take her clear of TRUANT’s patrol and ordered her to report her expected time of arrival at Harstad before sailing (1229/21st).
At request of the British Vice Consul I asked Admiralty for confirmation that the Government accepted liability for ALSTER’s cargo.
 Admiralty confirmed that ALSTER’s cargo was covered (1914/21).

Wednesday 22nd May 1940
 ALSTER sailed from Kirkenes and reported expected time of arrival at Harstad as 1900 24th May.

Thursday 23rd May 1940

Asked Rear Admiral Narvik that ULLSWATER might collect mails and return to Tromso after arrival at Harstad with ALSTER.
At 1219 received TRUANT’s 1010 23rd May reporting large merchant ship probably escorted. I at once realised that despite my route, owing to the abnormal visibility (18 miles), TRUANT had probably sighted and might attack ALSTER of whose presence she was not aware. Every effort was made to acquaint TRUANT of the situation but without success before she made an unsuccessful attack at 1441.
This incident has been fully reported to Rear Admiral (S), the Commander in Chief, Home Fleet, and the Flag Officer, Narvik, in my 1st C.S. w. 41/1 of 1st June 1940.
Communication except in P/L between TRUANT, ALSTER, and escorting trawlers and Norwegian submarines present great difficulty as the following books only were held by each:
Vice Admiral Commanding, First Cruiser Squadron and TRUANT only - General Cypher with Special Submarine Tables.
Vice Admiral Commanding, First Cruiser Squadron and ALSTER only – Syko Machine lent from DEVONSHIRE.
Vice Admiral Commanding, First Cruiser Squadron the escorting trawlers only – Auxiliary Code
Vice Admiral Commanding, First Cruiser Squadron and Norwegian submarines – A special Norwegian code.
Norwegian submarine B 3 sailed for Finmark patrol, as arranged with Norwegian authorities, with Captain Hendrickson on board, who intended to establish a small submarine base at Varda. I warned ALSTER and ULLSWATER that she might be encountered and warned TRUANT that B 3 would pass through her patrol area a.m. 24th May.

Friday 24th May 1940
Vice Admiral Commanding First Cruiser Squadron in DEVONSHIRE at Tromso and on passage to Kirkenes.
ALSTER passed Tromso at 0330 on the way to Harstad.
At 1129 endeavoured to call TRUANT to warn her DEVONSHIRE would pass through her patrol, but did not succeed until 2240.
At 2352, instructed TRUANT to close to V/S distance, giving her DEVONSHIRE’s position, course, and speed, and warned her that her patrol might be discontinued shortly. Ascertained she fired two torpedoes at ALSTER, and that no depth charges were dropped by ULLSWATER.

Saturday 25th May 1940
ULLSWATER and ALSTER arrived Harstad at 1620.

[Ende Auszug]

Damit wäre die Anfangsfrage geklärt ... die HMA/ASA-Daten sind korrekt ... evt.Bemerkung :ALSTER mit Erzladung aus Kirkenes auf dem Weg nach GB

Gruß, Urs
"History will tell lies, Sir, as usual" - General "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne zu seiner Niederlage bei Saratoga 1777 im Amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitskrieg - nicht in Wirklichkeit, aber in George Bernard Shaw`s Bühnenstück "The Devil`s Disciple"