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Hello again,

16.12.39       [sj   SC-322 ?]   A   dt   -D   Gillhausen   4339   ~   S/ Hangö   6

This is an old error (Falschmeldung).

12.12.39 The German steamer Gillhausen (DOAP) ran aground SW of Understen. Her forecastle was flooded and to avoid sinking she was beached at Långhällorna. She was on a voyage from Luleå -> Stettin with a cargo consisting of 6300 tons of iron ore. Position 60.15n 18.55e

She was refloated on 13.12.39 after some temporary repairs have been made by the Neptun salvage company and towed to Stockholm where she arrived on 16.12.39.

Sources/Quellen: Salvage report (Hebungsbericht ?) with maps from the Neptun Salvage Company and a Strandungsbericht (both in Swedish)

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Hallo Jan-Olaf,

von diesen Unfall hatte ich bisher nie gehört !

Ob nun ein U-Boot die Ginnheim beschossen hat wird werden unsere sowj. Freunde sicher noch ganz genau klären können.



It is not clear whether attack on IHN was observed or not. Nevertheless it is a fact that after the attack IHN made a turn and dropped first DCs.

RYŚ attacked enemy submarine(?) on 3/4 IX at 3.50 (after midnight). The attack was either on ŻBIK either a bogus.

WILK's minefield (20 mines) was between the points: 54°31' N / 18°52' E & 54°27' N / 18°57' E
- HEIMAT (13 BRT) was probably lost on WILK's mine in position 54°37'50" N / 19°47' E

RYŚ's minefield (10 mines) was between the points: 54°42',1 N / 18°59' E & 54°43' N / 19°00',9 E

ŻBIK's minefield (20 mines) was between the points: 54°47' N / 18°39'5" E & 54°46,3 N / 18°45,5 E
- M.85 was sunk on 1 X 1939 with a loss of 24 hands in position 54°45' N / 18°45 E
- MÜHLHAUSEN (327 BRT) was probably lost on ŻBIK's mine in position 54°53' N / 18°42' E on 23 I 1940


Platon Alexiades:
A few corrections:

STURGEON attacked SWORDFISH (14.09.1939) in position 56°22' N, 01°28' W (not 01°28' E).

Although Schepke reported that a British submarine had attacked his U-boat (U 3) on 30 September, this was not the case: there was indeed a British submarine (HMS THISTLE) who sighted the U-boat but no torpedoes were fired.

U 10 could not have been attacked by H 34, she was operating north of Scotland at the time. Actually the nearest U-boat was U 13 but she was some 90 miles away. The U-boat attacked by H 34 is apparently bogus.

CHEMNITZ was captured by PONCELET in position 38°05' N, 30°40' W (not 30°40' E).

REDOUTABLE fired warning shots at British EGBA starting at 0736 (not 0105) before breaking off the attack when the identity was recognised
My question: should this attack be included since other attacks that missed are not listed here?
If these should be included then you can add:
French PERSÉE firing a warning shot at the British tanker OIL RELIANCE at 0630/6 October, 6 miles south of Ponto Delgada.
French LA PSYCHÉ firing a warning shot at the Dutch WESTPLEIN at 1620/10 November in 30°40' N, 15°07' E.

The attack by SEAWOLF occurred at 0105/5 October not 6 October, the target was the torpedo-boat FALKE carrying "Handelskrieg" in the Kattegat and Skagerrack. The light cruiser NÜRNBERG was in harbour at the time...

STURGEON attacked U 23 (Krestchmer) at 1452/14.10.1939 in 57°50' N, 09°59' E, Krestchmer reported two loud explosions at 1500/14 (not 0020/15) in Quadrat AO 4445 r.o. (approx. 57°45' N  09°48' E).

V 209 (GAULEITER-TELSHOW) was sunk by STURGEON in 54°33' N, 06°27' E not 54°32' N, 05°10' E which was inside the German Mine Declared Area (British submarines very rarely entered the MDA).

A typo certainly: F 9 (not F90) was torpedoed and sunk by URSULA on 14 December.



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