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Autor Thema: Bismarck May 27, 1941 last battle maps  (Gelesen 1641 mal)

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Offline Antonio Bonomi

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Bismarck May 27, 1941 last battle maps
« am: 06 November 2005, 14:53:05 »
Ciao all,

here a post were you can find  Bismarck last battle maps ( the best ones I have found so far ).

You have :

1) Bismarck last battle maps  ( one from IWM and the other from a German book )

2)  The British destroyers attack on Bismarck the night before ( this map just connects with the other 2 above, gap is only around 20 minutes ).

3) The Bismarck turret tops colour enigma, were you can find several evidences I have found.

first of all I would like to share with everybody the material of course, than  I am always very willing to exchange opinions and maybe find new inputs from  so many competent persons.

After my Denmark Strait  battle work, .. now I would like to make a good study on this battle as well, .. even if  much more and better material is available as you can see, ... still many unanswered questions,.. like when really Bismarck main turrets ceased fire .... precisely.

                          Ciao  Antonio  :D
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