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Zeitliche Gliederung der Umbauten an DL-Lutzow, Adm Scheer und Adm Graf Spee

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Antonio Bonomi:
Ciao all,

well, .... as promised,.....we did it again  :O/Y  ...  so we are almost ready to post here in the full colour drawings life story of the Panzerschiffe, just as we did for the Heavy cruisers  :

Panzerschiffe Deutschland - Schwere Kreuzer  Lutzow  ( 21 drawings )

Panzerschiffe Admiral Scheer - Schwere Kreuzer Adm Scheer ( 21 drawings )

Panzerschiffe  Admiral Graf Spee  ( 10 drawings )

Here a preview,... for you to enjoy..........   those ship profiles are from my side dedicated to my friend  Kalli  :O/Y.

Again I would like to thank Abram for his dedication and patience,.... and his overall hard work,..following me and my ' creativity' on giving him directions,....  sometimes it is not so easy, ... but he his a great guy,.. and learns very fast and well,....  so I want to congratulate him again,..... BRAVO Abram  :MZ:

               Enjoy and ,..    Ciao    Antonio   :MG:


Magnificent – as ever!  :MG:

What was the wisdom behind the light grey streaks on Graf Spee’s Coning Tower? Was that a ‘leftover’ from an older camouflage scheme or did they have any special ideas about breaking up those parts of the silhouette?

I admit I am ignorant about some old feuds in military history – where did the ‘green’ camouflage scheme come from that many Graf Spee drawings in the literature show? Was there a misjudgment of faded colour photographs? Are there colour photographs of her in her last dress after all?
So many survivors, so many witnesses – quite stunning that such discrepancy in her colour scheme in literature lasted that long. But if you say ‘grey!’, I take Abrams drawings for it.

What a reward – there the two of you present answers and the result … more questions.  :-D   

Thanks again!


Antonio Bonomi:
Ciao Ufo and all,

you got it  :O/Y,.. this final scheme of  Adm Graf Spee was the result of 4  subsequent schemes one after the other she had during her Atlantic raid on 1939.

Soon you will see the whole evolution of it, .. and it will be  pretty clear the way it materialized....... just be a bit patient,...  but you are right,  ... it was from a previous scheme,...    :MZ:   

As far as I have realized that  ''Green'' pattern camouflage of  Adm Graf Spee  started when an USA museum ordered a model of Graf Spee, .. on big scale on the 1950's.
I do not know why it was painted with Green patterns instead of Grey, ...and from that model on,.. all drawings were always like that,  with Green camouflage.

But recently  thanking the help of a  friend in Argentina, namely Guillermo Ramirez,  we had  the chance to get in contact  with  F.K. Rasenack, former officer on board Graf Spee and Tirpitz after, writer of a book about Graf Spee too.

Guillermo and his girlfriend visited Rasenack home, and found him very sharp and with an intact memory, he immediately told him that the green was an invention and that Graf Spee was always only camouflaged  with Grey tones on her camouflage evolutions, and he remembered them all,.. a still very sharp guy  :MZ:.

No, there are no colour photos of Graf Spee that I am aware of, but I take F.K. Rasenack witness report as a reference.

But only AJ-Press Morskie Poland books lately corrected it on Grey as you can verify.

Many wrong ship camouflage  colour schemes just start from personal  interpretations, same for errors on drawings, than many people are only able to be 'copycat's',.. they are not able to do real high level research,.. and just copy,... up until somebody with better skill and competences shows up correcting them all.

Those ships are very difficult to research, and I do not pretend to be 100 % correct, .. as I know well everyting can be and hopefully will be improved,... what I know is that as far as today  knowledge this is in my personal opinion the most solid reference base you can have,..and that is why I offer it to you,...with the help of  Abram,.. just to enable you to check it,.. verify,.. and hopefully help me,.. on growing it ......  with some more  future findings,.....    :MZ:

Just to make an example,..I have  in my hands already 3 new addittional schemes for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau you will not beleive,..and I have all  evidences and references,.... so they are correct,... only few months ago,.. I knew nothing about them ,.. the fact I posted my works on those 2 ships and enabled people to  provide me questions and  other references,... helped me a lot,...see ... a teamwork... that is were the fun of this hobby  really is,...  :MZ:   

               Ciao  Antonio  :MG:

 ::Y> ::Y> ::Y>

Whaooooo The Great Friends :O-O: :OuuO: :O-O: :OuuO:

That is Champagne for Jef's Shipyards
Camo paint & detailled drawings for the Panzerschiffes are coming

Many, many thanks for your works Antonio & Abram

Jef :MZ:

Peter K.:
Indeed, again a great work from both!

Thanks a lot!


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