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Zeitliche Gliederung der Umbauten an Adm Hipper, Blucher und Prinz Eugen

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Antonio Bonomi:
Ciao all,

this time I have worked with a new and very talended young friend, ... that I would like to introduce to you ... with of course a small surprise.

So the surprise are the  :

 - 26 drawings evolutions of Admiral Hipper, full life in technical  modifications and  camouflages.

 - 6 Drawings of the short life of Blucher, same as above.

 - 20 drawings to make same things for  the Prinz Eugen.

I can guarantee you I had a lot of fun, .. creating them, ... so again I offer  them free of any charge, .. for everybody benefit, ... like I did before.

After the usual authorizations, ..  of course,...  you can see them.

                    Ciao  Antonio  :MG:


Antonio Bonomi:
Ciao all,

ok,  lets  start with the Blucher, a very unlucky ship, .. and let me introduce to you my young friend Abram Joslin, .. a very talented  drawing maker as you can see.

Enjoy his works on Blucher ,....



Antonio Bonomi:
and here the last ones ...

Antonio Bonomi:
Gruss all,

I am sure you have been able to follow thru Blucher  modifications, with the addition of the Funnel cap, the removal of the wappen shield, the addittion of the gun blast bags but only on forward guns,   the installation of the boxes on top B and C turrets, ..  till the admiral bridge closure, and the radar installation,  ... with the YELLOW  tops of Operation Weserubung,..when they closed the flagpoles down.

Here the Prinz Eugen,..  and using same approach,.. lets follow her modification thru modification and painting thru painting,...   and I am sure you will find many interesting  new items, .. and hopefully some explanations on how things went,..  about this ship.

But in case you notice something new,..like the depth charges launchers,... or the  unusual painting on top of Baltic camo turrets, ....  or movements of the air recognition banners,.. or the zwilling guns ...on 1944,... do not worry... but  just ask,... and I will answer... as all the things you see here in,.. can be demonstrated very easily,....... of course   

Enjoy,..Antonio  :MG:


Antonio Bonomi:
..more Prinz ....


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