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Antonio Bonomi:
Ciao all,

I have ready 22 Gneisenau  ''tarnanstrich'' schemes to be showed,  anybody interested ?

        Ciao  Antonio  :MG:

We are very interested.It would be nice if you show us your paint shemes.


Peter K.:

--- Zitat ---Anybody interested?
--- Ende Zitat ---
... of course, I am always interested!  :-D

Hello Antonio,

I'm very interested too. Please let us see your new schemes, I'm sure they will be brilliant! :TU:)

Greetings Stefan

Antonio Bonomi:
Ciao all,

OK, thanking Thorsten ( T-Geronimo )  and Harold for their kind help and suggestions that will enable me to post them let me do some work to personalize them as far as size and removal of the swastikas ( air recognition )  and you will see the full Gneisenau life evolution in colours.

Ok,..I go for the work and I will be soon back here,..... :MG:

          Ciao  Antonio  :-)


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