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In 1897 in Baltic Sea sank tjalk or kuff  Pietertje, built in Holland, J.N.Nihuis in Sappemer, call signal PQJC -but not sure, built 1858 but not sure, some other sources says 1868.
I`m looking for any info of her, especially  who was the owner of tjalk when she sank, the schiffer name was Tonkens, but this says nothing to me.

Hi Offshore,
long time, no hear. I guess you found something interesting...
Have you tried this Database: https://www.marhisdata.nl/zoeken&s=schip? Just enter Pietertje as ship name, I got 10 hits. The one built in 1868 could be the one you are looking for.
Best regards,

Bureau Veritas
Losses & Accidens recorded in July 1897
791 in Repeitoire Generale 1896/97
Voy: Uckermunde-Danzig
Sombre au large de Sohrenbohm = foundred off Sohenbohn
2 July 1897

Lloyd's List - Friday 09 July 1897
July 3.—The Dutch kaff Pietertje, v d Tonkens, (rem Uckermunde for Dantzic, with stone, sank ye.terday about a mile at sea off Sohrenbobm. Crew saved.

Bureau Veritas
I have compered
Repeitoire Generale 1894/95 and Repeitoire Generale 1902/03

So that should be
Pietertje #Captain & owner J.H.Mooi
Registered Groningen
built 1868 Sappemeer

Same owner in 1900/92

That ship is in Germanischer LLoyd
Internationales Register 1895

Statistik des Deutschen Reichs. . Bd.99 (1897).

Statistik des Deutschen Reichs.  . Bd.124 (1898).


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