Torpedoing of HMS Kelly by S 31 on 9/10 May 1940

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Sven L.


a short question. Which was the destroyer that broke in half?

HMS Kelly was sunk by the Luftwaffe on May 23, 1941.
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Platon Alexiades

Correction to my previous posting: only S 13, S 31 and S 34 sailed from Stavanger. S 13 had rudder damage, so perhaps she did not take part in the action against the British destroyers. S 30, S 32 and S 33 sailed from Wilhemshaven to join them.


Platon Alexiades

Hello Sven,

In the action of 9 May 1940, only HMS Kelly was hit by a torpedo and she was not "broken in half".

Best regards,



Platon, yes, S 13 is not mentioned any further if I see it correct.

Sven, "broke in half" was the observation by S 31 but that was overestimated. As already said, it was pitch dark and foggy, so very poor visibilty.
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