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Autor Thema: Identifikation U-boat Commander  (Gelesen 1000 mal)

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Offline mkrivchenko

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Identifikation U-boat Commander
« am: 08 Januar 2022, 17:25:49 »
Hello! Who this U-boat Commander Knight's Cross Holder??Thanks!

Offline Axel Niestle

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Re: Identifikation U-boat Commander
« Antwort #1 am: 09 Januar 2022, 21:53:21 »
Gospodin Krivchenko,

Thank you for your question. However, what makes you think this persons on the photograph belong to the U-Boat arm? You kindly provided a copy of the backside writing, which reads out as following: Meinem lb. Kameraden Herm. Schmeißer zum frdl. Gedenken. Sizilien 6.42, [signature unreadable] Obfkmstr. (ROA), Feldpostnr. 26694. This translates as: to my dear comrade Herm[ann] Schmeißer with kind regards, Sicily June 1942 [...] warrant telegraphist (reserve officer candidate), field post no. 26694. If you check for the relevant unit at that time with the given field post number, you will find that it belonged to Marine-Peilhauptstelle Taormina [naval D/F station] (Sicily). So it seems more probable that at least the recipient of the photograph and the spender belonged to that unit. A white cap is no unique characteristic of a U-boat commander. However, the officer in the front clearly wears a KC, but does not look like a Med U-boat commander decorated with a KC.

Anyway, hope this helps.


Axel Niestlé 

Offline FAlmeida

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Re: Identifikation U-boat Commander
« Antwort #2 am: 10 Januar 2022, 00:13:00 »
Ritterkreuzträger ist Erich Zürn Ing. Ofizzier