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Autor Thema: welche Torpedos in Kolding  (Gelesen 4715 mal)

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Re: welche Torpedos in Kolding
« Antwort #15 am: 19 August 2021, 23:41:24 »
Sorry, for the long time, but I don't get any notification on new posts in here :-/  (also, I haven't been in much due to health issues).

Zitat von: Roeland
I am still in doubt about these all being the same, but maybe I am completely wrong. I did a 3D model of the F5B that was in use by the Kriegsmarine. I collected as many photos of this torpedo as I could possibly find. Based on that I thought the round hole in the tail of one of the torpedoes that we see is not an f5B. The hole that is there is much more round then what I could see on any photos of the F5b.

Yes, I see what you mean (ref my attached photo). I agree that you don't see this type of hatch on the standard F5b (LT I) torpedoes - it looks very much like the hatches on the G7a and G7e torpedoes. However, I'm still convinced they all afer F5b, however I can't tell which of the many variants.

Zitat von: Roeland
The luftwaffe version was different in several ways. It had small rudders on the sides of the torpedo and there where differences in the tail.
Not really. The "zwischenring" with the horisontal fins was a separate module mounted in between the airtank and the warhead (an antiroll-mechanism), but it was not fitted to all torpedoes (I son't remember seeing a descreiption of when it was used). For obvious reason it would not have been used from a naval vessel.
I'm not sure about the tail, but you are probably referring to the struts on the fins? I notice their absence, but as these were devices meant to support the fins when entering the water after an aerial drop, they might have been removed from the naval version of the F5b - ie the F5b (LT Im).

Zitat von: Roeland
Do you maybe know what kind of targeting system was used by the kriegsmarine for the F5B? Thank you in advance for any clue!
This question I don't understand. The F5b (LT Im) was an ordinary straight-running torpedo without any guidance, so they would have used the same type of targeting/firing solution as with the G7a(TI), ie some sort of optical sight (torpedo-zielapparat).