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Autor Thema: Allierte Landungsboote Antwerpen  (Gelesen 1024 mal)

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Allierte Landungsboote Antwerpen
« am: 01 Dezember 2019, 17:29:53 »
For the Rhine crossings in March 1945 the Allies had to transport landing craft to the Rhine area. Most of these craft appear to have arrived in Antwerp and then they were either loaded onto trailers for road transport (LCM3) or made the journey along the Albert Canal under their own power (LCVP). The images taken in Antwerp (there are quite a lot) all show Royal Navy crews/personnel but perhaps some of these landing craft were later used by the Americans ? What is also not clear to me is the date of the images taken in Antwerp (the Rhine crossings took place much later than was originally planned), perhaps they were made as early as December 1944 ?