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Aquino/El Kantara sunk 1943



Please help me find out under what circumstances the Italian vessel Aquino (5079 gt) / ex-French passenger ship El Kantara / ex-French auxiliary cruiser X18 was sunk on  23 or 24 April 1943. It followed from Livorno to Tunisia, but along the way it was sunk either by bombers B-17  on April 24 or by torpedo bombers Beaufort  on April 23. What cargo did the ship carry and what ships was escorted?


Hello, according to "Navi Mercantili Perdute" of USdMM Aquino left Livorno at April 22nd 1943, hit by three bombs of US B 17 at April 23rd, 17:15; loaded with fuel cargo, caught fire and was sunk by escort.

Thanks Markus.

I read that Aquino was the last victory of torpedo bombers Beaufort .
Three days later he was promoted to Pilot Office, and was awarded a Distinguished Flying Medal effective May 19, 1943. He flew again near Marettimo on April 23, 1943, and highly damaged the merchant vessel Aquino.
On April 23, 1943, he participated in another notable sortie, again near Marettimo, involving the destruction of the 5,000-ton Aquino, a heavily damaged merchant vessel. Nesbit notes that this was the last vessel sunk by Beaufort torpedoes, and Balkwill was almost certainly the last Beaufort pilot to use the weapon.


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