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Autor Thema: LASH ship MUNCHEN - gantry crane Kabelage  (Gelesen 916 mal)

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LASH ship MUNCHEN - gantry crane Kabelage
« am: 24 September 2019, 12:23:30 »
Eine Frage, die ich auf English erhalten habe - irgendjemand eine Idee? besten Dank im Voraus

Wir haben ein Modell des LASH carriers "GOLDEN BEAR". Ein alter Fahrensmann fragt nun, wie es sich mit den elektrisch-betriebenen gantry cranes verhaelt. Hier seine Frage:

There are a couple in the US reserve fleet and the Russians have recently put one back into service on the Northern Sea Route.  All LASH ships have a 500 tonne gantry crane running on rails the length of the vessel to handle the lighters/barges.  As far as I know these cranes were electrically driven and had a large reel on the port side taking up, and paying out, an electric cable. The question I've never been able to answer is where the cable was attached to supply the power and if it is left attached when at sea. I'm assuming the cable is attached right aft as that would be closest to the engine room.

You may remember the loss of the LASH ship MUNCHEN in 1978 and I can't imagine the cable is left attached while at sea.With the gantry crane in it's stowed position amidships.