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Offline Neil Robertson

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Scharnhorst CT
« am: 22 Juli 2019, 22:21:39 »
In the book on Scharnhorst by Koop and Schmolke there is a breakdown of armor weights, which appears plausible in general. But the weight of KC armor in the CT is given as 226 t, which looks low. The CTs of the First War weighed about 350 t and that in Bismarck was 466 t. The only other weights in the superstructure as armor was Wh in Aufbau 41 t, Mast 41 t and miscellaneous 26 t.

The earliest drawings for Scharnhorst, as given in the Marine Arsenal vol on this ship by Breyer show a smaller CT than that actually fitted. Could the 226 t figure apply to that,

Neil Robertson