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Strait of Messina, Sicily, 1943

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Dave TBird:
I was fortunate to win on eBay two of the three photos of the Pionierlandungsboot
in the Strait of Messina, from the estate of Günter Schlosser, 29th Panzer Grenadiers.

I believe they are PiLb 40 type.

Here is the first image, resized to fit here.  (I had scanned the two photos at 1200 dpi).

By the way, these are the first photos I had seen of boats used in Operation Lehrgang.


Dave TBird:
And my second photo, also resized.


Dave TBird:
And here is the photo I did not win.


Hi Dave!

Nice win!  :TU:)

Unfortunately I hade to delete the one that you did not win because I guess you don't have the permission from the owner to show it here. German law says that you have to have this permission.

Did you check out our website about landing craft? It is in german languange only but there are several photos to make comparisons:
 --/>/> https://historisches-marinearchiv.de/projekte/landungsfahrzeuge/pionierlandungsboot/beschreibung.php

Dave TBird:
Danke, Thorsten.

I did find your website that finally led me to conclude that my boats were Type 40.
It was very helpful indeed since I was having no luck identifying these craft.



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