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Autor Thema: Corrections Panzerschiff Deutschland  (Gelesen 424 mal)

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Corrections Panzerschiff Deutschland
« am: 11 Februar 2018, 14:09:45 »
Hi Herb!

Here are some corrections in spelling the names of some sailors of Panzerschiff Deutschland.

ID 66645: Last name is Brückner, not Bruckner. According to the source below he died on 31.05., not 29.05.

ID 66709: Last name is Gerhardt, not Gerhard.

ID 66822: Last name is Lobitz, not Lolitz.

ID 66935: Last name is Sehm, not Sehn.

ID 66860: Last name is Oellrich, not Oelrich.

ID 66841: Last name is Mies, not Mils.

ID 66982: Last name is Wollweber, not Woldwebber.

ID 66683: Last name is Dürr, not Durr. He died on 05.06.1937

ID 66651: Name is Busche, Wilhelm, not Buche, Willi.

ID 66893: Last name is Röbers, not Rolbers.

ID 66948: Last name is Steiger, not Steizer.

ID 66686: Eckart died 02.06., not 29.05.

Missing in the crewlist are:
Stabsmatrose Richard Martin, died 29.05.1937
Oberheizer Heinz Holzwarth, died 02.06.1937
Obermatrose Georg Wille, died 11.06.1937
Oberheizer Alfred Meyer, died 03.06.1937
Oberheizer Helmut Schubert, died 02.06.1937



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Re: Corrections Panzerschiff Deutschland
« Antwort #1 am: 17 Februar 2018, 07:04:01 »
Many Thanks Thorsten, top

Cheers Herb.
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