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New instalment of Ghiglino's List


de domenico:
On AIDMEN's Bollettino no. 31/2017, a book of 308 pages only mailed to our membership, there is a third instalment of Marco Ghiglino's List of pennant numbers given by the Regia Marina in WWII to requisitioned merchant vessels as well as, in some instances, to naval vessels too. A product of Marco's tireless and valuable research work at the Ufficio Storico della Marina Militare.

The first one was on Bollettino no. 28/2014, by Marco and myself, "Le sigle della Forza Navale Speciale", an absolute novelty then. It was posted by me  in April 2015 on our aidmen forum, aidmen.it   An addenda with a short history of the Forza Navale Speciale from its creation on 25 Oct. 1940 to its disbandment on 10 Jan. 1943 is printed by me on Bollettino no. 31 /2017.

The second one was on Bollettino no. 29/2015, "I dragamine magnetici DM". This was also posted in December, 2016, on our site, aidmen.it, by Luis (Luisella Zocca).

The current third one is dedicated to "Le lettere ignorate - Parte I": little known pennant numbers attributed from 29 Dec. 1941, letters C for Navi Trasporto Quadrupedi e/o Materiali, H for Navi Trasporto Automezzi, I for Navi Trasporto Viveri, T for Navi Trasporto Truppe. Again, an absolute novelty.





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