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Autor Thema: Italian Navy in Aegean Sea, 1915-1918  (Gelesen 1420 mal)

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Italian Navy in Aegean Sea, 1915-1918
« am: 08 Oktober 2017, 23:51:59 »
Hello, I’m interested to know if there is some records about the role and actions of the Italian Navy in Aegean Sea during WW I.
 On the Italian bibliography there is practically nothing, except some few information which can be found by digging in various books.
 AFAIK, for sure, cruiser Piemonte bombarded two times Dedeagatch, now Alexandroupoli (on 15/11/1915, see [] ... and, included in a squadron of 33 Allied warships, on 20/01/1916, see [] ... and [] ) and was present to the occupation of the Greek battery at Point Karaburun, near Salonika, on 28/01/1916).
 A situation of the Italian Navy on Nov., 1st, 1918 (almost at the end of the war) gives as present in Aegean Sea, the Piemonte, the battleships Vittorio Emanuele and Roma, and the cruiser Libia. At the same date, the old cruiser Liguria, the destroyer Alpino and the torpedo-boat Centauro were at Piraeus.
 Any help is appreciated
 Best regards