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Autor Thema: BP 48 - bergeprahm  (Gelesen 446 mal)

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BP 48 - bergeprahm
« am: 26 September 2017, 12:26:33 »
In the page on the Bergeprahm BP 48 at
the following information is given:
- 08.04.1946 An Norweg. Marine. [1]
- 12.07.1946 An US-Navy. [1]
- 00.00.1949 An Griechenland. [1]

Following research in archives and an exchange of opinions at the it was established that the ship had a long postwar career.

After its arrival in Greece in 1949 the vessel was allocated to the Organisation for the Management of Allied Material (ODISY). She was later given to the Port Authority of Corfu and she was fitted with a twin crane in order to be used in wreck salvage operations.
In 1957 she was sold to the company «Porthmeia Kerkyra-Igoumenitsa EPE” and she was taken to Piraeus where she was widened and rebuilt as the stern-ramp ferry KERKYRA.  Her new dimensions were : 40.6 x 11.5 m. She was later lengthened to 54 x 11.5 m. (attachment 1: before/after lengthening)
She served in the Corfu-Igoumenitsa run until the 1970s when she was laid up at Ambelakia, Salamis.
In 1988 she was sold and downgraded into a barge, being based in Volos.
In 2005 she was sold to a Turkish firm, apparently to be scrapped but instead the cut down barge was found in 2011 grounded in Amaliapolis shipyard for use as a pier extension. There she remains today. (attachment 2)