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Autor Thema: duikboot - U 16  (Gelesen 718 mal)

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duikboot - U 16
« am: 05 Juli 2017, 12:10:52 »
Moin, moin,

There are 2 records in Duikboot about two ships which were controlled by U 16 and of which the names are mentioned with a question mark.

Under No. 21002 a 'Tojo' is mentioned but the only Tojo built before WW2 was a small motorship which was lost in March 1935. To my mind the only ship which could apply is 'Tejo' a Norwegian steamship of 967 GRT built in 1916.

The other ship, mentioned under No. 21003 as Lilljewahn is most likely  * C.F. Liljevalch* a Swedish ship of 8470 GRT built in 1920.




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Re: duikboot - U 16
« Antwort #1 am: 07 Juli 2017, 12:37:14 »
Hallo Jaap,

Yes, there are more (too many) ship names in DUIKBOOT with a question mark, especially amongst the neutral vessels stopped for a control.
Add the fact books etc. on merchant vessels are sparse on our bookshelf and that the names of such vessels as KTB's seem to be phonetically based rather than on notes or documents seen/copied/taken on the controlled ships, and you understand we are most grateful for you to have have shared your knowledge on the subject.

We will adapt the records in DUIKBOOT for them to reflect the probable/definit name as in your messages next to an indication what name the KTB provides. In that way, users of DUIKBOOT can find the relevant records whatever spelling they enter in the search mask: the probable name of the vessel or the name as given in the KTB.

That matters are far from clear is documented in this case of U16. The vessel addressed as the swedish LILLJEWAHN in the KTB, and which you identify more likely as the C.F.LILJEVALCH is named by others (, Ritschel) LILLIHUS.

Jaap, did you use specicific sources to arrive at the suggested corrections? If affirmative, which ones? It might provide us with ideas where to extend our material on merchant vessels...

Thanks again for your much appreciated input.  :MG:

We will reply to all other messages in the FMA on the subject, but more briefly than here. Not that we consider the other messages less valuable, certainly not, but just not to repeat over and over the same (long) message.

P.S. A check of all merchant vessel names in DUIKBOOT against the names as appearing in ASS is on the stocks, in search of typo's etc.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Frans & Walter

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Re: duikboot - U 16
« Antwort #2 am: 09 Juli 2017, 11:10:09 »

I used a Finnish sit (Äänimeri) with an index of ships of which pictures are included and some Swedish sides as well as Plimsoll. and had some luck stumbling on - for me _ unknown sites, like T-norum (Swedish).

Some question marks are still unanswered. I have been searching in vain for a possibility of finding a solution for perhaps garbled names of the Estonian *Radamo* and the Finnish sailing vessel *Oxypo*.

I am however glad to have been of assistance.