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Autor Thema: Zerstörer LEON  (Gelesen 960 mal)

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Zerstörer LEON
« am: 01 März 2017, 20:07:53 »
Concerning the following remark in the page on the destroyer LEON
Das Schiff blieb während des gesamten Krieges in der Bucht von Suda und wurde nach dem Krieg von der O.A.N. (griech. Abwrackungs-Komitee) zum Abwracken versteigert.
research conducted together with members of the Italian AIDMEN society, established that the wreck was not scrapped by OAN; actually she was not scrapped in Greece at all.
Here is a translation from the relevant abstract from the book "Salvaging History" (available only in Greek for the time being):
“At the same time [1952] the Italian firm Goriup raised the wreck of the aforementioned Greek destroyer LEON. Despite its age, the years she remained half sunk and the damage she had received during the war, the wreck was successfully salvaged. She arrived under tow of the Vernicos’ tug ARMADORES in Corfu from where she departed on February 29, 1952 bound for Trieste where according to Lloyd’s Register she would be rebuilt into a passenger ship. LEON tied up at the San Rocco shipyard at Muggia on March 7 and as there is no further information concerning the alleged rebuilding, it is assumed that she was finally broken up for scrap.”
I attach a photo of the half sunk LEON stripped of its fitting awaiting her final fate.