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Ausrüstung Siebelfähren für "Dackel"-Einsatz

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The G7e(TIIId)  "Dackel" was a modified G7e(TIII) with two batterychambers. The batterychamber was made of thinner steel, and with the heavy warhead, it was important that the torpedo was stored on a stable platform for the full lenght during transit, so that the front part wouldn't "break off". Of course, the torpedo would not be pulled fully into the tube until it was time to attack, but with heavy see I guess they would have been quite cautious even if the torpedo was "exposed" in the ready-position just for a very short time.
It makes sense that siebel-ferries (or even MFP's) was considered (during development and testing, the "Dackel" was launched from barges and specially adapted testvessels).


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