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Autor Thema: NARA-order  (Gelesen 824 mal)

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« am: 30 Januar 2017, 19:03:43 »
I'm planning a few new NARA-orders (about 10-16 rolls on each order). I already have a good list of contacts who will get invited to participate, but there's always room for more in order to reduce costs...

If anyone would like to get noticed on upcoming orders, then send me a PM with your mail-adress and I'll make sure to include you in the invite to participate.

PS: I'm attaching my current "wishlist" (new orders will most likely be picked from this - probably an all T-1022-order first). If anyone happen to have any of the rolls or PG-documents listed, please let me know if you'd be interested in sharing a copy (of course I'm happy to trade!).

Offline Natter

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Re: NARA-order
« Antwort #1 am: 11 Februar 2017, 18:58:04 »
I'm planning a few new NARA-orders (about 10-16 rolls on each order).
My next order:
T-283 Roll 1
T-283 Roll 2
T-283 Roll 54
T-283 Roll 141
T-1022 Roll 1927
T-1022 Roll 1928
T-1022 Roll 2068
T-1022 Roll 2519
T-1022 Roll 2631
T-1022 Roll 3116
T-1022 Roll 3467
T-1022 Roll 3878
T-1022 Roll 3988
T-1022 Roll 4272

I need enough participants to keep the cost down to about $85 for each one.
Deadline for joining in is next saturday (february 18).

Send me a PM or mail for more details or questions.