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Destroyer Spalato (captured Yugoslavian destroyer Split)

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PT Dockyard:

Does anyone have a drawing showing this destroyer in her original Yugoslavian configuration or (better yet) the planned conversion by the Regina Marina in 1941-42?

Any sketch/drawing/photo of a model is appreciated!


Dave G

Hello Dave,

in my database I have this two articles in journals:
Tajemniczy niszczyciel Split; Adam Smigielski; Morze, Statki i Okrety; 2007/2; Split   ; Zerstörer; Jugoslawien
Dlugie narodziny niszczyciela Spilt; Zvonimir Freivogel; Okrety Wojenne; 16; Split; Zerstörer; Jugoslawien

I´ll look if there´s any requested drawing.



dann noch:

Enrico CERNUSCHI, Vincent O'HARA: The Star-Crossed Split: the Troubled Story of an Unlucky Flagship; Warship 2005



Enrico Cernuschi:

Danke  Darius :TU:)


Hi Dave,

on non-existence Warship Projects forum we have discussed this in length. There was also very short topic on SPLIT on Paluba: http://www.paluba.info/smf/index.php/topic,12016.0.html
If you use Google translate you can still try to read FOW (in Polish) about SPLIT: http://fow.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=106

Basically as far as I am aware (based on discussion with Freivogel) the original drawings of SPLIT have not survived (or were still not found ;) ).
So we can only try to reconstruct. Indeed in article by Enrico there is a drawing by Maurizio Brescia however I'm not sure on what basis it was drawn.

Hope that helps!

All the best,


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