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Offline Dido

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« am: 01 Juli 2016, 09:34:04 »
Regarding the origins of the motor coaster STAVROS GHEROKOUNAS (ex-GLEANER) ( I had  a discussion some years ago with the fellow researcher George Robinson of the Tees built ships website. I wrote to George as there is a 1896-built GLEANER in his website at: which had the same dimensions as STAVROS GHEROKOUNAS.

I quote George’s opinion: “STAVROS GHEROKOUNAS is listed through to 1970 as having a 2cyl Bolinder engine. Now those engines were quite rare in UK before the First World War, but were used extensively in what we called the X-craft, a small landing ship built for the Gallipoli campaign and similar operations during 1915 and 1916.
The early ones were 105.5 feet but X.201-225 which were the later, 1916 completions were 98 feet so close to your ship. […] It was normal for LR to list these vessels that went into merchant service without identifying the builder, as they did not seem very good at linking back to naval records.
So my hunch would be that your vessel is more likely to be one of these X vessels, rather than either of the trawlers. To be otherwise would mean that maybe a Bolinder was taken from an X and put into your vessel.

There is in LR 1927 an ex British trawler built 1886 at Beverley as KIRTON and later GLEANER and owned in 1927 still under that name by G. Ampetakiotis of Vathy, Greece but she still had a steam engine by CD Holmes and was 92.3 x 21.0ft ... so although this is another 'Greek GLEANER' the link is still uncertain!

In Lloyd's Register (attachment 1) it is mentioned that she was build in England in 1916. But Piraeus Registers only mentions that she was build in England, the date of construction is not provided. But in her first entry there, it is mentioned that she came “from the rebuilding of the steamship GLEANER”. Note that it mentions steamship, not motorship.

So, either Lloyd’s Register made a mistake on the date of building or the Piraeus Register made a mistake on her being an ex steamship. To my opinion the two options are that STAVROS GHEROKOUNAS was either a ex-steamship named GLEANER that was fitted with a Bolinder oil engine or a conversion from an X-Lighter. I also attach a  photo of STAVROS GHEROKOUNAS next to a minesweeper, from the G.Georgiou collection at Although the quality of the photo is very low it shows a ship with sheer and a counter stern which does not resemble a former X-Lighter, making me lean more towards the option of her being a rebuild trawler refitted with diesel engines. Your opinions are most welcomed!

Also concerning the following notes concerning her registration in Piraeus:
14.11.1930 von Pericles, Evangelos und Athanassios Gherokounas, Piräus, Griechenland, abgekauft und mit seinem alten Namen (GLEANER) in das Hafenregister Piräus mit der Nr. 934 registriert.
21.10.1937 aus dem Hafenregister Piräus Klasse A gestrichen und in das Hafenregister Piräus Klasse B (Motorsegler und Segler) mit der Nr. 254 registriert.
From my notes I see that she was initially enrolled on the Riverine Vessels Register (No.50). She was shifted on 18/8/31 to Piraeus A’ Class Register (No.934) which includes smaller sailing ships and motor vessels and finally she went to B’ Class register (larger motor ships) following a re-measuring of her specifications.

Offline Karsten

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« Antwort #1 am: 01 Juli 2016, 15:49:26 »
Dido, the ship in the photo (in the foreground) is definitely NOT a X-Lighter.
Viele Grüße,