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Autor Thema: Hochseebergungsschlepper IRINI VERNICOU  (Gelesen 2556 mal)

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Hochseebergungsschlepper IRINI VERNICOU
« am: 18 Februar 2016, 13:48:08 »
Τhere are some corrections that should be made to the following extract from SVG at: :
    23.09.1943 vor Kap Papas, NW Peloponnes, auf Mine gelaufen und mit 8 Verlusten gesunken. Anschließend von der dt. Kriegsmarine gehoben, repariert und in Thessaloniki in Dienst gesetzt.
    10.1944 während des Abzugs der dt. Armee selbst versenkt.[[?] keine Eintragung, s. NARA PG-46148 Unternehmen "LEANDER"[F]]
    1946 Wrack gehoben.
    1948 als Passagierschiff THEOCLITOS in Dienst.[D][E]
    1951 abgewrackt.

Τhe wreck of the salvage tug was raised by the firm Robert Carther & Co. and was sold in 12.1949 to the Athenian merchant I. Ioannides. It was at this point that she was renamed THEOKLETOS and converted into a cargo (not passenger) steamship.
Some sources mention that she was scrapped in 1951. However the Piraeus Register mentions that  THEOKLETOS was renamed OKEANIS in June 1952. There are no further entries on her registry, so one can assume that the vessel ceased to exist shortly afterwards.
Attached is a postwar photo of a ship in Piraeus identified as the THEOKLETOS.

Also of interest is the relation between IRINI VERNICOU and the salvage tug VULKAN which is otherwise historically orphan.
Aside from the information presented a year ago at:, the maritime magazine "Naftiki Ellas"  published last summer an article I provided on IRINI VERNICOU. It mentions the following:
In a 1944 document of the resistance group "Apollon- Yvone" the vessel is mentioned as "VULKAN former IRINI VERNICOU" being under German control in Piraeus. On March 25, 1944 the British submarine SPORTSMAN located the German vessel MT-3 at Monemvasia, inside the protecting net. The submarine awaited the vessel to exit, but on the 27th they observed that it had went aground due to the bad weather. The next day another vessel was seen sailing there which was described by SPORTSMAN as "a salvage tug or cable ship" a description fitting to IRINI VERNICOU. It was the German salvage tug VULKAN which had sped to salvage MT-3, but the night before the salvage operation was to start, the submarine fired two torpedoes against them. The torpedo aimed for MT-3 made contact and sunk the ship bu the one aiming VULKAN missed its target and exploded ashore. The report of the resistance group in relation with the description made by SPORTSMAN, lead to the conclusion that sometime between the fall of 1943 and spring 1944 IRINI VERNICOU had been renamed VULKAN.

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Re: Hochseebergungsschlepper IRINI VERNICOU
« Antwort #1 am: 07 April 2018, 19:12:15 »
A postwar photo of the half sunk IRINI VERNICOU at Behtsinar, the area west of the port of Salonica.