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ASS-Nummer: 19205*
« am: 31 Januar 2015, 11:27:32 »
Von Eric Zimmerman erhielt ich folgenden Einwand:

In ASS it is reported that U866 carried out an attack on March 10, 1945 (no time given) in naval grid square CA3689 (41.09N  68.22W).  The note states that U866 heard LUT detonations after 58” (premature) and 3’30”.  It is this entry which I first noticed in DUIKBOOT which caused me to question the loss of U866.  However on further examination it is the entry in ASS that I am most skeptical of.  First the information could only have come from a signal from U866, a signal which is unsupported by any source we know of and secondly it is not consistent with the last known movements of U866 in either time or position.  By which I mean this position is to the west of Cape Cod, clearly not where BdU was expecting her to be operating.  Even more telling is that we have a position for U866 at 0551/5 of 47.30N  41.30W.  The distance between the two positions is 1215 nautical miles, clearly much too far for U866 to have covered in some 5-6 days in the schnorkel era, by comparison in the full 8 days prior to her last report and in the mid Atlantic where some surface travel was a possibility the boat covered 843nm, an average of just over 100 nm a day.  Obviously I’d love to know where Professor Rohwer got this information but I don’t believe that U866 could have been involved.

Danke, Eric
Ich werde wegen der Quelle nächste Woche die T-Schusskartei konsultieren.
Viele Grüße, Thomas