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Autor Thema: ASS 4021: U 703 vs Syros  (Gelesen 931 mal)

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Offline Jan-Olof

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ASS 4021: U 703 vs Syros
« am: 06 Januar 2015, 17:24:16 »
Hallo Thomas,

Quadrat :    AB 5581

Position des Ziels :    73.57n 17.30e

The above positions are quite far apart, I suspect that 'Position des Ziels' is incorrect and should be 72.50n06e instead, i.e. as given in Lloyd's War Losses. In fact there are two positions given in that source, the other being 72.35n05.30e.

Also, here's what can be found in the Admiralty War Diary from June 1st, 1942, (report on convoy P.Q. 16)

(G)   One attack only on convoy, 7 torpedoes fired, all ran on
surface. SYROS hit by 2 torpedoes and sank at 0302/26 in 072°
50' N 006° E. Snow storm. U-Boat attacked by LADY MADELEINE
twice with 10 charge pattern. Oil seen by LADY MADELEINE and
VOLUNTEER. 1500/25. U-Boat chased by MARTIN, firm contact
attacked and oil seen. 0600/26, MARTIN sighted 2 U-Boats who
dived. ACHATES end MARTIN commenced search 0650. No contact.
0850, two torpedoes fired at ACHATES both broke surface.
No contact charges dropped. 0930 second U-Boat engaged by
MARTIN with gunfire, 2 possible hits, no contact depth charges
dropped. No further attack. D/F bearings located 2 or more
proceeding on parallel course to convoy outside visibility range
For next 3 days visibility dropped, sea calm.

Best regards,


Offline TW

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Re: ASS 4021: U 703 vs Syros
« Antwort #1 am: 06 Januar 2015, 20:55:20 »
Hi Jan-Olof,
Nice to hear from you, again.
I don't know from where I've taken that wrong position.
In the table, I'll cite the position given by Rohwer in ASS 1983 edition.
I wish you all the best for a happy new year.
Yours, Thomas