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Sinking of MMR ship RINGULV


de domenico:
The former Norwegian cargo ship RINGULV, 5,097 grt/1903, taken over by Mittelmeer Reederei GmbH on 5 Dec. 1942 at Marseilles under the Laval/Kaufmann agreement, ran aground at Civitavecchia on 4 May 1943 and was torpedoed and sunk on 14 June 1943 1/2 or 1 mile (reports differ) South of Capo dell'Armi (Straits of Messina) by HMS UNITED, while traveling Southeastbound under the escort of the old Torpedoboat GIUSEPPE CESARE ABBA. Does anybody know her route and cargo, if any?

According to KTB Deutsches Marinekommando Italien the ship was on its way from Naples to Tarent, see attachement below.
The day before the sinking Ringulf was re-routed at 23:00 at the Lipari (?) islands because of danger of submarines.
Then she was torpedoed and sunk at 12:30 about 1 nm south of Capo dell'Armi.

No details of the cargo are mentioned. In the KTB Seetransportstelle Messina I found only a little remark that 41 survivors arrived there.
If the cargo is mentioned anywhere it could be found in the KTB Seetransportstelle Neapel which is on NARA roll 2561. Unfortunately I don't have that roll.

de domenico:
Thank you kindly.


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