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Autor Thema: Duikboot - Nummer 12185  (Gelesen 1496 mal)

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Offline BE Corijn

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Duikboot - Nummer 12185
« am: 01 Dezember 2014, 21:57:03 »
Hi All,

28.04.1943 18u48 U467 Begegnung mit Feind-Uboot in AF76 3t uitgeweken,periscoop Db HMS ?, britse duikboot opgemerkt AF76

This was HMS Usurper (Lt. D.R.O. Mott, DSC, RN)
(All times are zone -2)
1820 hours - Heard well-defined HE. Went to periscope depth from 30 feet.

1825 hours - In position 62°11'N, 02°11'E saw the conning tower of a u-boat that was proceeding on the surface. The u-boat was painted white and was difficult to see. Two figures were seen on the bridge in dark blue or black clothes it was because of these two figures that the u-boat was sighted. Started attack. Enemy course 164°, speed 10.5 knots.

1837 hours - Fired two torpedoes from 3500 yards. Missed. Usurper lost trim when firing the torpedoes. The two remaining torpedoes of the intended salvo of four were not fired. Set up another attack.

1844 hours - Fired two more torpedoes.

1846 hours - The enemy turned stern on after having sighted the torpedoes. So these torpedoes also missed.

1850 hours - Went to 60 feet to reload the torpedo tubes.

Kind regards,
Brian Corijn
Admin Allied warships section


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Re: Duikboot - Nummer 12185
« Antwort #1 am: 04 Dezember 2014, 19:26:06 »
Hallo Brian,

Thank you very much for having identified for us the British submarine that attacked U467. Much appreciated!

This information will - alas - not yet appear in the update of DUIKBOOT that is with Thorsten for upload in the HMA (one of these days), but we will make sure it appears in the first update of 2015.

Thanks again for your help in improving DUIKBOOT!

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Frans & Walter