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Autor Thema: Identification of possible RD wreck  (Gelesen 2011 mal)

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Identification of possible RD wreck
« am: 03 Mai 2014, 20:36:56 »
A Libyan diver, Mohamed Arebi, has recently found the wreck of a small ship 11 miles north/northwest of Zuwarah, Libya. The wreck, largely covered with fishing nets, is about 35-40 meters long and has one gun in the bow. We think that it may be one of the eleven small Italian ships that were sunk off Zuwarah in the night between 19 and 20 January 1943, while fleeing from Tripoli, by the destroyers HMS Kelvin and Javelin: the minesweepers RD 31, RD 36, RD 37 and RD 39, the armed trawler Scorfano, the motor schooners Guglielmo Marconi (auxiliary minesweeper) and Astrea (auxiliary patrol vessel), the fishing boat (auxiliary minesweepers) Angelo Musco and Cinzia, the small tanker Irma and the pump boat S. Barbara.
More specifically, I think the wreck may belong to one of the RDs, which were indeed 35-38 m long and had their only 76 mm gun in the foredeck. Here are two photos of the gun: can anyone understand if it is a 76 mm gun like those of the RDs?