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Autor Thema: KYTHERA  (Gelesen 1935 mal)

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« am: 16 Juli 2017, 17:18:07 »
In the page on KYTHERA at HMA
there are four photos of the ship. I think that first two of them show a ship different from the one in the fourth photo.

In the first attachment, I placed those three photos in comparable sizes, along with a 1941 photo of a ship (Nr 3) which is the same as the one in the first two photos.
In the second attachement, I note the similarities/differencies: It is evident that the ship in photos 1 and 2 is the same, although there are differences that were made over a refit. The two masts were replaced by one ontop of the bridge, while the rectangular "hut" near the bow has been removed. The ship in Nr 3 is the same as in Nr 2, where the "hut" remains, the gun emplacement is there and the characteristic shape of the bulwark is the same.
On the other hand the photo of 12V5 shows a ship with a different bow shape, different bulwark, the hull strakes do not appear in the other photos, the "hut" is missing while the mast is still there.
Given that 12V5 was the ex-KYTHERA and that 12V5 became GA02, then the two first photos do not show GA02.

By the way, concerning the remark:
*) Melissinos [A] und Dounis erwähnen als Hafenregisternummer die 910. Das LRS und Babouris [F] jedoch die 614.
all sources are correct. The ship was first registered in Piraeus A' class #614 and in 1939 she was switched to B' class #910, based on a re-measurement.