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Autor Thema: Italian water tankers in the Greek Navy  (Gelesen 2273 mal)

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Italian water tankers in the Greek Navy
« am: 30 Mai 2012, 10:23:02 »
In collaboration with Aris Bilalis and Marco Ghiglino, I found out that two Regia Marina water tankers, in use for the water resupply of the Dodecanese islands and abandoned in Leros/Portolago at the surrender of the Italian garrison on 16 Nov. 1943, were later brought into service by the R.H.N. They were ADDA (254 or 280 t displacement/ in service 8.1.1914) and NERA (254 or 280 t/9.8.1914). NERA had been seriously damaged by a German air attack on 5 Oct. 1943 during the Leros campaign, while ADDA had narrowly escaped capture during a trip to Coo; in any case, both were unable to sail by the time of the surrender. ADDA may have been used by the Germans. In Greek service, they became KALLIROI or KALLIROE and STYMFALIA A 472, of 120 and 110 tons capacity, respectively, in service from 1948-50 to 1965 (the former) and from 1945 to 28.9.1976 (the latter, sunk as a target on 18.9.1978).
A third water tanker of the same class, ATERNO (254 t/14.4.1914) was stricken by the Marina Militare on 1.8.1948 (my source here is Franco Bargoni, "Tutte le navi militari d'Italia", 1987) and delivered to Greece under the Peace Treaty of Feb. 1947 as KRINI. C. Paizis-Paradellis, in "Hellenic Warships 1829-2001" lists no such ship, which is however included in Jane's 1958 with a capacity of 140 tons, together with KALIRROE (sic), KASTALIA, PIGHI, STYMPHALIA, all of 120 tons capacity. According to Paizis-Paradellis, CASTALIA was in service from 1950 to 1960 as a water barge, and PIGI during the same time interval. There is also an ILIKI or YLIKI, A 474, in service from 1946 to 1979, when she also became a water barge following an engine failure (this could be the former KRINI ex ATERNO?).
Moreover, there's the RHN oil tanker/floating oil depot PROMETHEUS of 520 t capacity, in RHN service from 23.6.1945 to 12.7.1998. In my opinion she could be the former Regia Marina water tanker/minelayer/infantry landing ship prototype ADIGE, 793 t displ./510 grt/26.4.1929, into German hands at Patras about 9 Sept. 1943 and scuttled there in Aug. 1944.
If anybody is able to offer some help, I would appreciate it.
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