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Autor Thema: Wer kann diese Offiziere auf einer Siebelfähre identifizieren?  (Gelesen 5234 mal)

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Offline Aquarius

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Re: Wer kann diese Offiziere auf einer Siebelfähre identifizieren?
« Antwort #15 am: 08 Dezember 2018, 18:19:29 »
Hello Arjan,

The SF in the foreground is definitly "Holzauge". A comparison with picture 1011-005-0015-30 from "Bundesarchiv" shows an identical camouflage pattern on the bulwark of the superstructure. I have to correct my statement about the superstructure I made on Nov. 2nd. It is not the same as on my drawings of "Transportfähre". The latter is a mount of 3  different preproduced components. The outer parts had a front, a back and a side wall, while the middle part only had front and back wall. This middle part has been removed on the "Holzauge" superstructure and the result is mounted with a 90° turn at the end of the platform. You can find all these 3 types of components on pictures 98425 (no sidewall) an 98427 from SA-KUVA. Let me know if you don't have them.
The "Holzauge" superstructure thus is very similar to that of "Peterlein" except the vierling gun stands and the command platform on the steering house.
As the port Schneider gun is clearly missing, how about the idea that we see an earlier photograph than those showing the gun in place?


Offline Arjan

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Re: Wer kann diese Offiziere auf einer Siebelfähre identifizieren?
« Antwort #16 am: 09 Dezember 2018, 08:24:08 »
Hallo Otto, it is quite possible that the ebay photo was taken earlier than the other ones. The quality of the photo is very good so it was probably also made by a professional war photographer. Perhaps the gun or guns were also removed when the need arose, that is to say when the full deck space was needed to transport a lot of vehicles . Removing these guns would probably have required the use of a rather big crane so it is unlikely this was done in a small port like Susak (the port of Fiume did of course have such cranes).