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Autor Thema: Action 15-16/7/43  (Gelesen 2668 mal)

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Re: Action 15-16/7/43
« Antwort #15 am: 03 Dezember 2016, 19:52:35 »

‘The next night, the 15th/16th, the short boats had their first real brush with E-boats since the assault on Sicily started. ..
The vessels were soon identified as six E-boats travelling at 20 knots..
At 2300 MTB 77 fired both torpedoes, set at 3 feet and 5 feet, the point of aim being 600 yards ahead of the leading E-boat. Blomfield then increased speed, and two minutes after firing the torpedoes he opened up on the rear E-boat with gunfire.
Immediately all six E-boats opened fire on 77, and two shore batteries on the Sicilian coast joined in. At this moment the leading E-boat blew up, having probably been hit by 77’s torpedoes. For the next fifteen minutes the four MTBs, going full out, chased the E-boats. 77, 82 and 62 were firing at the fourth in the line when it suddenly burst into flames. The second in the line then hauled out and stopped.  ...

In addition to Hammett’s D.S.M., MTB 77 was honoured with a D.S.C. for the skipper, Lieut. Lassen, and a Mention for another rating. Lassen went on to win a Bar to his D.S.C. and a Mention, both for actions in MTB 404. Blomfield was awarded a Bar to the D.S.C. he had won in Norway in 1940 and went on to win a second Bar and a Mention in MTB 420.
Das nennt man "kreatives Sehen" :-D
Es war also nicht auf deutsche Schnellbootskommandanten beschränkt. :wink:

Gruß, Urs
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Re: Action 15-16/7/43
« Antwort #16 am: 04 Dezember 2016, 14:21:23 »

German Naval Command
Italy plans no further operations until the big boats of 3rd
PT Boat Flotilla are ready for action and 3rd PT Boat Flo-
tilla has moved to - Crotone so as to avoid the motor gun-boat
line. Furthermore, German Naval Command, Italy reports that
the boats of 7th PT Boat Flotilla of type- S-151 are very un-
reliable and, in spite of the new engines, can make only 28
knots maximum speed, and barely 24 knots, cruising speed. Ger-
man Naval Command suggests that the 7th PT Boat Flotilla be
left in the western area of Italy and Sardinia - Corsica,

These are the conclusions of the German Naval Command after the battle.
I should add that all the English boats Type "Vosper" 7th flotilla were armed with Italian 20-mm cannons  "Breda".


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Re: Action 15-16/7/43
« Antwort #17 am: 19 Januar 2017, 20:28:13 »

S-boats several times passed through the Strait of Messina, which patrolled the MTBs and the MGBs, but only the night of July 15/16 was a fight. As the Germans were overlooked the British? The width of the Strait in the southern part of about 6 miles, and "dogs" had a radar.